virtual reality for real estate

Sell faster with VR

We install the VR device in your office or in the showroom so that your clients can walk around property with maximum immersion

Our team creates an accurate realistic 3D model of the property and integrates it into VR, all that is needed to recreate the 3D model is photos and the scheme of the object.

Detailed environments built with precision

A factor that makes our VR experience unique is its unmatched sense of realism. Detailed modeling, paired with high-resolution textures, helps immerse clients in their environment. We strive to give users an exact understanding of what the space is look like 

An immersive experience

The uniqueness in that unlike a simple virtual tour of the 360 panoramic photos, where you can make an inspection just by the given points, we do the maximum dive, where client will be able to walk freely around the entire object, inspecting every detail and having the opportunity of interactive interaction with objects inside the building

5 Reasons for using VR in Real Estate

Saves time

Thanks to VR there is no need to «travel» from one object to another, especially if the objects are in another city / country. The client will be able to explore in detail several real estate properties in 15 minutes

Builds Emotional Connections

Full immersion in the object creates positive emotions and attracts customers much more effectively than regular photos, which may differ slightly from how the object looks in life

Offers Global Reach

If a client wants to buy real estate in another city or country, VR is an excellent solution for getting to know different properties around the world sitting in one place

Saves money

Developing virtual tours may seem like an expensive service, but consider investing in traditional real estate marketing. You need to not only expose properties, you must also provide high-quality photographs and a lot of printed materials

Increases sales

Companies which started to use VR increased the conversion rate of sales of real estate by 15%. Agencies and developers note that VR tours allow customers to actually visit real estate, this establishes a sense of personal connection and ownership, after which the client quickly decides to visit and buy real estate.








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